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Hot!wierd stalling problem

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Re: wierd stalling problem 2019/08/09 19:06:58 (permalink)
in rod we trust
I have changed all leading up to the carb from fuel pump 1-6 psi to filter and carb filter as well …  I have just brought a regulator in thinking its soften up the float needle by the pressure but its the same pump as old one,

Do you have elect fuel pump?  Books says inlet pressure should be 3.5-5psi.  Maybe fuel pressure is why both carbs you tried had problems.
If accuspark has problems try Pertronix 1868 kit.  I installed one over 20 years ago and has never missed a beat. 
the german file
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Re: wierd stalling problem 2019/08/10 22:06:29 (permalink)
I just had a quick look over the comments about the stalling problem. Bee Vee is correct, its definitely an electrical ignition issue. I would also be strongly advising to change condenser, points, cap and rotor. When setting your timing, set tdc #1 firing, no static advance on the dizzy initially to get it started and running, then set your correct dwell angle, once running smooth, advance timing approx 6-8 degrees with the vacuum advance disconnected. Once set, connect vacuum advance hose back up to dizzy again. Hope this helps
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