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2022/09/18 15:07:27

60 Years of the Cortina

This Tuesday the 20th of September will mark 60 years since the release of the Cortina.

The nameplate spanned 5 different marks over 20 years. Engines were available from a 1200cc four to a 4.1 litre six and everything else in between with countless trim levels and variations available worldwide.

Australia had it fair share of models with the standouts for me being the Mk1 GT500, Fords first attempt and a successful one at that building a Bathurst homologation vehicle.
Lets not forget the TD XLE either, a full fat luxury barge with a mighty 4.1L thrown in six for good measure.

I'll be firing my TD up on Tuesday for some nostalgia, anyone else care to reminisce?

GT Cortina Project "The Ugly Duckling"
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I learned to drive / got my licence in a Mk1. had a 1600 crossflow with twin 40's, could flog most V8's between lights. had about 3 or 4 different shades of white on the body panels, bit of a sleeper but went like the clappers. Have you posted finished pics of yours, Drew, I haven't seen anything for a while or did I miss them?
2022/09/19 08:00:52
Happy birthday for tomorrow then to all the 'Tinas out there.
I'd look after a Mk1 2 door if anyone has a spare they dont need.
That was always on my bucket list, even above an RS2000.
Yours needs a wash Drew 
2022/09/19 13:02:59
Yep, happy bday Cortina!
My fave would've been a mk1 cortina estate I would have wanted to convert to a 2dr using doors from the 2dr and plating the rear window.. But it's been done by some giza in the classic Ford mag years ago , yes it looked cool but I thought it first !!
2022/09/19 19:39:32
^^thinking doesnt count Marty, you need to be a doer.
I have that CF mag also, none of the Adelaide dudes Cortinas got me much, each wasn't the right combo.
I think the Cortute has a 1600 from memory.
Cortina I do like from CF mags of about the same time is the late model cortina, which had massive tubs and was a 'Crusader' pack? Lots of clever welding to tub and have the rear door inners stretched.
I don't think we saw much that option pack in Aus?
2022/09/20 11:35:20
Haha, trying to find a wagon mk 1 cortina was near impossible, the last one I cared about was 20yrs ago and had a Dat180b+5sp combo but was shunted in the front enough to say nahhh !
If all models of the cortina came in 2dr I might've been a fan and bought one.. ok if in UK or Europe but not minimalist Australia !!
2022/09/20 13:17:36
Sorry,. I did find a super Uber mega rare mk1 Cortina some 25yrs ago in a wrecker, long gone now unless it got pulled.. It was a bread van, apparently only 3 or 4 got made, also there's a mk2 cortina bread van kicking around.
Happy birthday Mr Cortina
2022/09/20 13:21:34
Hey Len, my Mk1 project has stalled for now, I'd been working on it with the old man, after he passed I thought it'd be nice to finish it in his garage with his tools. I towed it around there and haven't done much since. Once the driveline build on the RS is done I'm going to bring it back home and finally finish it off.
I've had a couple that got away too Marty, most memorable was a MK1 GT500. It was parked outside the accommodation barracks at a local RAAF base. We parked out the front a couple of times for a peak with some binoculars (try do that outside an airbase nowadays) It eventually disappeared. I had a mate in the air force and he was posted there after his training so he was sent to ask around about it. Now according to the storeman there the owner had been posted over east, the car was left behind and it was taken to the rifle range.
Not such a happy birthday today for that poor old 'Tina
2022/09/20 17:28:57
Yes, I was a RAAFy, notice of abandoned cars were posted in local orders 3 times for owners to come forward and claim them. After that they were disposed of.  I almost got myself an E49 Charger in similar circumstances but the owner came forward at the last minute.
2022/09/21 21:02:15

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