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2019/03/30 20:38:53

150 Grand for a beige RS2000 !

looks the the prices show no sign of slowing in the UK .
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Thats staggering. Amazed by the detail though, paint spots and correct overspray. You'd need a matching beige anorak to go with it
2019/03/31 17:27:59
Imagine what they would want for it in a decent colour.
Finish is perfect but I hate the brown .
2019/03/31 20:45:34
dumb question, but did ford use lowering blocks OEM?
2019/04/01 13:15:07
They did Deano 1 inch from memory , with a Ford stamp on them . 
Started on the sporting Mk1s 
2019/04/01 13:48:59
fair enough, I thought it strange to do such a thorough resto and then fit something as obvious as the blocks if they weren't factory.
I know it's meant to look virtually new, but the ride height still looks a bit 4wd to me in some of the shots.
Maybe I should paint the 4 door beige instead of blue.
I'd be happy with 10K, let alone 100+
2019/04/02 09:10:46
Maybe I should paint the 4 door beige instead of blue.
Beige has no business being on any car especially something thats meant to be a sports model. 
I suspect a purist will buy that one and lock it away in a collection. 
I would strip it and paint it burnt orange . 
2019/04/02 20:13:26
Was it sold for the crazy amount?
2019/05/06 08:44:27
looks like it , Auction ended early and no longer available . 
Does not surprise me , Quality was 100% and there is a wealth of collectors over there . 
Makes me think it was an easy rebuild as no one ever used it being beige .  
2019/05/06 21:20:46

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