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2009/09/05 12:06:47

my Escorts

well im sure most of you have seen the pictures of my old escort after the fuel hose come off.
if you haven't

so ive been looking for another escort. turns out i bought 2.

the first one (4door) is just a daily. couldnt say no for $900. its just a 1.6 but its quite clean, no leaks, new brakes and new clutch. its got rust in the usual escort places though.

the second one (2door) is going to be my new project. after building my old one up from the shell i kinda wanted somthing a little easier. then i found this.

bored out to 1800cc, port and polished, roller rockers, 45 side draught,extractors,electronic fuel pump, electronic ignition.

its only got some slight surface rust and need new paint. along with a few new things but its a great base start.
i only got it last night and took it round the block today. thing goes hard.

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Nice work! Both look like good cars and the 2dr looks just right withh the challengers and front spoiler.

You guys sure are lucky in SA, seems to be so many good classic Fords around!
2009/09/05 12:22:55
Pity about the old escort, same thing happened to me the day after purchasing a HDT VH Group 3 commodore a few years back, dodgy roadworthy apparently.

I have seen the green 2 door on carsales for a couple of weeks now, looked like a good thing, any plans for it.

Good luck
2009/09/05 12:25:14
yeh good old carsales ay.

well first thing i will do is probably big brakes, quick rack and suspension. then hopefully new paint. thats should take up most of my money. dont really know from there
2009/09/05 12:28:52
Paul Dunstan
Nice pickup!

The recovered RS wheel is a nice bonus as one went on Ebay the other day for a surprising amount of dosh!
2009/09/05 13:17:35
I'm glad to hear everything is starting to work out for you. very nice buys mate, MKII 2DRs are becoming a hard thing to get a hold of. Id love to have two Escorts lol a daily and a project. Top stuff mate goodluck!

2009/10/05 20:10:39
cheers for the comments guys.

its much better having the 2. i can take my time on the green one and not have to worry about having it on the road by Monday so i can get to work.

soon to be 3 Escorts when the insurance company drops of my burnt wreck so i cas get everything i want off it.

with any luck i can salvage a few things
2009/11/05 18:25:11
hey how are ya what the plains with the green one going 2ltr? if ya end up selling the engine i would be interest ohh sorry to be a pain but how have you set up your linkage?
2009/11/05 21:14:41
i only got the green one on Friday and bought as is. i haven't had a chance to look at anything like linkage set up yet.

not sure on the plans fot the motor either. may keep it. it does go pretty hard.
2009/11/05 21:57:40
geez u get back into the game pretty fast.. u must have missed your old escort..

owell, good to see u haven't given up
2009/11/05 22:06:06
arh to easy when ya next hsaving a look let us no looks like a very nice basis to start from good luck with it
2009/11/05 22:57:49
Originally posted by Sterling

geez u get back into the game pretty fast.. u must have missed your old escort..

owell, good to see u haven't given up

yeh. i dont mess around. was on the computer looking for Escorts the day after it happend. still, i miss my old one. spose only time and 2 new Escorts will heal that.
2009/12/05 18:17:38
that green one looks real smart man loving those challenger rims what size are they? sorry to hear about your burnt one were exactly di the hose come off?
2009/05/13 20:24:14
Good to see you fighting back with 2 esky now, as they same the only way is up, the 2 dr looks great cant wait to see what your going to do to it. O
2009/05/13 21:25:23
once again sorry to hear about your pride and joy, better luck with these two..

challangers look mint on the mk2
2009/05/16 16:39:19
Originally posted by wishihadars1800

that green one looks real smart man loving those challenger rims what size are they? sorry to hear about your burnt one were exactly di the hose come off?

they are 15's.

the pressed brass fitting into the wbber. apparantly it never got recalled
2009/05/17 12:59:51
I LOVE the 4door. Not a bit fan of the 2d, But thats the first 1 I like the look of. Must be the colour or the rims or the angle of the photo =P. Will be putting challangers on my esky. Nice to know they will look good =)
2009/05/18 18:19:24
i got some new bits for the esky the other day. thanks to stephen (smcka).

wont have time to do anything with them untill sometime next week.

ive already cut off the spring plates and are ready to be welded on. just need to source some inserts and springs. thinking of going 10" 225lbs springs. dunno about shocks yet. i would love some GAZ adjustables but i dont know if i can wait that long for them to come back in stock.

also arrived is the trans x LSD

cant wait to chuck it in.
2009/06/29 21:34:10
Let us know how well the LSD works.
I have never seen value with the centers from the U.K. someone has made truck load of us Aussies!
2009/06/29 21:58:15
i have the diff down at presision diff getting the lsd fitted and also getting it set up so its nice and tight. but thats taking a while.

i have welded the coilover tubes to the strut. just waiting on springs and inserts to arrive, also waiting on rear shockers to arrive too.
its a shame i haven't go parts yet but what can you do

it is such a nice day today so i couldnt help taking her out for a run.
its much better since i played around with the settings on the webber ( which were way out to start with) it goes and sounds fantastic

2009/07/25 14:37:27
That's an excellent looking mk2 you got there. Spot on

Do you have some pics up of the front coil overs too?
2009/07/25 22:17:13
well at the moment its just the tubes welded on and the strut tops. im waiting for springs and inserts to arrive.
2009/07/26 12:06:51
what has to be done to the diff center to fit the lsd?
2009/07/26 13:58:01
Originally posted by Sterling

what has to be done to the diff center to fit the lsd?

nothing to fit it. its a direct fit, just take out the old center and put in the new one. but the diff is old so i am getting them to lapp the gears ( crown and pinion were both worn and not making correct contact) and just give it a general overhaul. make the diff nice and tight again
2009/07/26 16:10:51
finally got some GAZ adjustables.

im still waititng on springs for the front so i can fit them yet.
but i did fit the rears today. quite a difference from full soft to full hard. im liking it cant wait to get the fronts in
2009/02/08 15:52:37
You wont know yourself when the shock go in, dont start them on too high...maybe the 8th click is plenty! ive got mine in my mk2 set on 7 for daily lunatic driving. I had the car 3ft high over a train track near my place and the shocks took the landing with ease
My GAZ's have been in for 4yrs, no complaint at all.
2009/02/08 16:54:59
what are the price/quality compare to the koni items?
2009/02/08 17:00:43
Originally posted by martymexico

You wont know yourself when the shock go in, dont start them on too high...maybe the 8th click is plenty! ive got mine in my mk2 set on 7 for daily lunatic driving. I had the car 3ft high over a train track near my place and the shocks took the landing with ease
My GAZ's have been in for 4yrs, no complaint at all.

i think thats how i have mine set on the rear.
fronts about 10 clicks.

only had mine in a few weeks, so still trying to find the sweet spot.
so pleased with them though!
2009/03/08 09:22:52
yeh ive been playing around with the rears. great so far.

BUBBA im not sure about price difference, about $800-900 for a set of GAZ (front and rear.) i haven't herd mucj about konis. but i got reccommended the GAZ over konis. up to you really.

update time i got my diff back today. had the LSD center fitted, the gears lapped and the bearings replaced and reset so hopefully it should be nice and tight now. will hopefully get around to putting it in on Saturday.

i will be picking up front springs for the coilovers on the weekend so then i can bang them in.
hak073 here is some pictures of the coilovers. just painted them but dodgy camera phoone photos. will try get some better ones.

2009/06/08 21:17:43
those looks sweet!

anxious to hear ur review of the lsd.. but dont let me rush you [:x)]
2009/06/08 21:33:51
Expect some proper tail out action once the LSD's fitted, theyre great fun...
2009/06/08 21:38:16
yeh the diff was down at the specialist for about a month. they had to make up special tools for the lapping machine to fit the crown and pinion. so that took a while. i have been really anxious to get it back. cant wait
2009/06/08 21:58:00
got the diff in today. took it out for a run. its great so far. quite defferent to the open wheeler action im used to. will take abit of getting used to, i got the back out a few times. not trying to just getting alittle exctied on the throttle.

one question though. when the car is jacked up and you turn the wheel there is a little bit of freeplay before splines mesh. is this normal. dont wanna tear up the splines
2009/08/08 15:39:20
these rocked up today finally.

so i got to assembling the struts. after a bit of confusion with the locking nut that GAZ supplied i eventually got them together with no dramas. ready to go in after i put some grease thru the new bearings after work tomorrow :)

they are actually new ventelated discs. i put them on the night before my old esky burnt down. only done about 15klms and luckily not warped
2009/10/08 22:57:28
nice mk2. i do like the look of the green one! in fact i would be happy with either!

i would be interested to know what was needed to the motor to fit the single side draught.

i have a 45 dellorto, a manifold and an unleaded 1600 xflow motor to go into my mk2.
2009/08/27 17:33:35
cheers cjdeane10. i bought the motor with the webber already hanging off the side but its basically just manifold and a fuel/choke/vaccum lines as far as im aware.
the important thing to remember is that just bolting a bigger carbie on the side may make it run worse. it really needs to be tuned to each indivudal engine or it may run worse. i know mine desperatly needs to be set up correctly but im waiting untill i have rebuilt the motor for that.

anyway i got the coilovers in. bit of a hassle with the adjustable strut tops with missing peices but its all together now.
i also put some bumperetts on. i wasn't sure how they would look with square headlights but i quite like the way it turned out

and how its sitting at the front.
2009/01/09 19:06:00
Yeeha! Looks nice Scott.

2009/01/09 19:07:29
That's got some nice attitude at the front now mate. Looking real nice.
2009/01/09 20:13:21
I LOVE those rims. I need to get off my ass and take the angle grinder to my esky... but i chicken out lol. But once the flares are on I will get me some challengers.

Ive freed up some money and am looking at doing some coilovers for my car and your set up seems like what im after.
Gaz adjustable front inserts from smacka = $410
Coil over convention parts from smacka = $170
Eccentric strut tops from smacka = $302.50
Springs from king springs = $???

So i guess what im asking is what are the specs of the springs you have? Oh and what is your opinion on the eccentric tops? I was reading a UK forum and they seem to think you would only bother if its a full on race car. Im looking for a pretty stiff setup just enough give in the front to get rid of the bumps along the freeway.

If your able to help that would be great.

Again both ya eskys look awesome =)

2009/01/09 20:50:45
that stance is wicked... got the lsd in yet?
2009/01/09 21:08:27
nice work.
not low enough though [:p]

i should put my 1/4 bumpers on too.. but i also should fix my left guard. [B)]
2009/01/09 21:43:54
i budgeted just over $1000 for the coilovers but that does include the ventelated brake upgrade kit, vented discs and pads.
i chose a 10" 250lbs spring with 60mm diameter. that fits smcka setup too.
as for the strut tops. i plan to be using the car on the track a bit so i guess its worth it in that sense. i struggle to see how necessary it is just for road use but at the same time they are not much dearer than normal tops so why not.

yes i have got the LSD in but ive only been around the block a couple times since. it was wet one time though and that was fun, especially with the quick rack in makes it easy to catch when the back steps. i haven't really thrashed it yet though so i cant say how it goes like that yet.

yeh it can still go lower.... alot lower. haven't had time to play around yet though
2009/02/09 19:31:12
hey mate - thanks for the info.

what size wheels are on your 15's? how much lower have you gone, and do they rub?

the reason i ask is that there was some 205/50 r15 tyres on special down the road
2009/09/15 14:50:13

they are 195/50/15 tyres all round.

1.5 inch drop at the back.
and i raised it a 15mm up front from the photo above bacause it was scrubbing around corners. but like it is now i haven't got them to rub yet.
2009/09/15 18:32:09
not much has been happening to the green esky latley. saving up for a few things.

but i did get a painting done of my old escort that burnt down. it arrived today and looks absoutly great. will help keep the memory alive

2009/09/29 17:48:45
well i went up to a mates property this weekend. 300 acres with lots of dirt roads and even a circle track.

mostly in my mates bluebird which we managed to jump several times and almost roll :). i took my 4 door up there. what a blast. it was by far the best car on the dirt. the rear end would come out but not send you into a tank slapper ( like all the other cars up there) which meant that no one could keep up. haha

here are a few piccies. ( i think she needs a clean now)

2009/04/10 19:55:02
Can I come next time? [:p][:x)][:p]

The end result of your car shows you had fun.

2009/04/10 20:22:10
yeh it defenatly was fun Rhys. although i was careful with the esky because 1: it had to get me home 2: its my daily driver so it has to get me everywhere else.

but the other cars up there live there so they can be hacked as much as possible. :)

gave it a bit of a wash today. needs a proper clean though at work where i can use the preassure washer. also took the 2 door out for a blast today. nice way to spend the day

2009/05/10 17:41:30
well i found this one on ebay and checked it out tonight.

i have really been missing a 2lt latley and when the guy started the motor i just fell inlove all over again. i had to have it. so im picking it up tomorrow night. will put some more pics up on the weekend.

2009/10/14 22:18:02
Thats been on eBay for awhile now. It looked pretty good. I would have purchased it if it was in Vic =P Good buy for 3.5k. The seats aren't my cup of tea tho.
2009/10/14 22:52:26
love all your cars but the silver 4 door does it for me. [:x)][:x)]
2009/10/15 07:14:35
Nothing quite like a nice 4 door [:p]

Mexico lip, quarter bumpers and fog lights are great! Don't need to change a thing exterior wise!
2009/10/15 13:44:35
Very nice, it's a wonder the seats and interior are not Red vinyl.

My first Escort experience was in a Silver Ghia, pity we hit a Kangaroo with it.
2009/10/15 13:58:34
NICE FOUR DOOR MATE... 3 Escorts... i am jealous... :)

keep the updates coming.
2009/10/15 18:40:14
cheers for the comments guys. i am about to head off and go pick it up.

as much as id love to keep all 3 i cant. ( way too many cars at my house. 11 or somthing...not all mine of course) so it will mean that the blue 4 door will be up for sale soon. so if anyone is interested PM me and ill tell you about the car. otherwise ill probably put it up in the for sale section soon
2009/10/15 19:49:56
was a nice day today so i though it take all 3 eskys out for a bit of a photoshoot. i have no idea how to take good photos and i just have a standard camera but they turned out ok i rekon.

firstly the new moredoor

still dirty lol

2009/10/18 19:10:58
thought id share some pics of the other toy. got a big 2 day race meeting coming up this weekend. been preparing it for that. this is the other money pit in my life.

its a CRG frame with a LEAPORD 125cc water cooled motor making around 35hp and with kart and driver its 160 kilos. depending on gearing its capibal of around 130kph and pulls about 3.5g in the conrners. makes for some good fun and close racing.

hopefully will run ok this weekend but will see what happens. after all it is motor racing
2009/10/29 19:52:40
just putting this out there, but dont you feel bad hogging 3 Escorts to yourself?
2009/10/29 20:13:05
yes. thats why the silver one is for sale
2009/10/29 20:38:41
Mr Mk2
Great Group of Cars!!!
2009/10/29 21:09:40
The burn down with your old escort sure has opened up a few more doors with some new Escorts . they are all looking fantastic! [:x)].The death of one escort has brought 3 more to you [88]
2009/10/30 11:40:21
Originally posted by Sterling

just putting this out there, but dont you feel bad hogging 3 Escorts to yourself?

If i had 3 one's like hes, i wouldn't feel like i was hogging them . Theres a few people out there that are bigger hogs then krt i can tell you that much [88]
2009/10/30 11:43:01
not really an update on the Escorts.

but this is what's happening while im saving up some money for parts.

someone dumped this at work and the boss said we could have it for $100. so four of us ( me and 3 other apprentices from work) chipped in $25 each.
straight to it. lowering the back. lol well just removing the springs. next we will lower the front and paint it matt black.

bit of fun that will most likley end up on the scrap heap after we have had out $25 worth of fun

2009/05/11 20:30:42
ha, them little cheap finds are the bomb to just do easy things to make them look mad it will be looking very cool once painted and smacked on the ground completly. i wonder how long it will take for the police to see that and say somthing lol [88]

2009/06/11 11:57:02
haha probably 500 meters
2009/06/11 18:09:08
just a small update on the cressy. lowered the front. next up paint. still has only cost$25 and a few hours.

not me in the car

2009/11/11 18:24:31
well we lost motivation for the cresida. so we took it out and drove it untill it died. had some fun it it.

then sold it for $500. 500% profit and some fun. well worth it
2010/08/01 22:51:51
I was really looking foward to the progress on that thing [V] lol
2010/08/01 23:05:03
haha well the boss said we couldnt keep it at work and no one really wanted to keep it a home. ive got too many cars already. so we kinda just lost motivation.
2010/08/01 23:13:48
You could have started a nigerian scam with it [%]
2010/08/01 23:14:52
i will drive over in my 80's luxuary car. you get my love, my millions of inheritance and my car with as much velour as you can handle
2010/08/01 23:20:12
here is a little video of me and a mate at a property near my house

not very good quality video.
its always good to give the 4 door a thrash

and a snapshot from the video. notice ive still got my arm hanging out the window. casual as lol
2010/01/15 18:39:13
that looks ridiculously fun.. god i hope we get rid of our cows! i got a bit of property that could easily be used for this.
2010/01/15 21:17:27
Originally posted by Sterling

that looks ridiculously fun.. god i hope we get rid of our cows! i got a bit of property that could easily be used for this.

wheres the fun in that? lol just slide around them =P
2010/01/15 23:47:02
yeah it is fun.

well i went to suss out an exhaust leak on the 4 door. turns out there was a hole in the muffler. i ended up taking the whole system out ( stock pipes with no extractors) and replacing it with pacemaker extractors and a 2 inch system i had in the shed from the green 2 door.

has a nice note to it now, but most importantly there is no leaky exhaust noise anymore. yay
2010/01/16 20:48:31
well now the 2 door is painted

( was stressing out about getting it done before the cold weather came to stay) i could turn my attention why the daily was running like $hiit.

it still ran but lacked power (got me to work. thats about all it did lol). turned out it was a burnt inlet valve on no3 cylinder.

soo off came the head and i replaced it with the one i removed from the 2 door. slightly bigger valves and double springs. its nice having 4 cylinders again haha.

anyway went for a drive today. found this little place. dunno where i was but there were a few very quiet intersections that the escort took to very nicely ;)

really needs fatter wheels to fill the guards and lower it abit. maby if i find some spare cash thats not getting thrown into the 2 door i will do it.
2010/02/05 17:28:13
bit of an update
green 2 door is still in the build. slowest build in history.
the blue 4 door has gone. the silver 4 door has gone.  i actually only had one esky for a while there.
now have a yellow 1600 esky daily

another blue 4 door which i got off this forum. some may recognise it

and how the green one looks now

2011/10/03 21:28:47
another blue 4 door which i got off this forum. some may recognise it

Ah.. so that's where it ended up. What's the report on it? What have you done, and what plans do you have for it?

2011/10/06 18:58:41
price was too good not to have a look. so i took a day off work and drove to Melbourne.  ended up getting it and towing it home that night.   it wouldnt start properly. had to disconnect sensors or squirt fuel into the manifold to get it to run.the seller thought it was faulty ECU, i took a educated guess that it wasnt.  after a bit of searching around it turned out to be a faulty TPS. thought it was full throttle all the time.  so it starts now and drives.  havnt driven it much. only around the block a few times. has a few oil leaks and needs a tune but over all im happy with it. it looks like all the mods have been done pretty well.
as for plans im thinking about trying to rego it. ive got approval from sa roads but still needs a bit of work, like ill have to put a standard ecu back in and change a few other things. still going thru the process of figuring out what ill do. it all comes down to money haha.
thought id add a pic of the interior

2011/10/06 19:39:41
ratta tat tat
EFI ay. So what's under the hood?
2011/10/07 16:19:47
krt10 it looks like all the mods have been done pretty well.

as for plans im thinking about trying to rego it. ive got approval from sa roads but still needs a bit of work, like ill have to put a standard ecu back in and change a few other things. still going thru the process of figuring out what ill do. it all comes down to money haha.

I went had a look at it at the time it was for sale, not that i had plans to buy it, just wanted to check it out (sorry Nizcort) and I have to say the same. looked to be well built/engineered, but lacked maintenance (but this was pointed out by previous owner). Was impressed with the engine installation, and how well it was installed and sat in the bay at the correct driveline angles. Nothing like any other SR into Escort conversions I have seen. Looked dead set factory.
Have a look at the pic's below and you'll see the engine sits way too high on other SR in Escorts I have seen.
2011/10/08 22:13:09
yeah i does look like it belongs in there.  the sump hangs down with the x member though. but its infront so itll be the first thing to go if i hit a bump. ill have do make up a good sump guard for it. i dunno if thats common with sr conversions though.
also the steering hasnt been altered. all factory which is really good. again i dunno if thats common on sr conversions.
as for maintenance. it could use some. has a few oil leaks, probably needs a good going over. im a mech by trade so thats not too much of an issue, finding time is though haha. it all runs and works though. very fun to drive too :)
2011/10/11 11:04:47
That engine does sit low and flat (more than most SR conversions). My guess is it has either a custom crossmember, dropped steering rack, modified sump, or all the above.
I would love to see a pick from underneath, sounds like some interesting custom work has gone on down there.
2011/10/12 08:05:59
from what I saw, the bottom of the oil pan was exactly level with the bottom of the crossmember, and doesn't hang lower. that is spot on, perfectly fine and shouldn't need any sump guard. I took a pic of the sump area, but I won't post it as it's upto the current owner if he wants them posted.. ha ha.. because others might get "funny ideas.." LOL! Someone paid big dollars to make sure it was done right. And the steering was as per factory, nothing was altered and no spacers, ect. Sump was modified is all I will say. 
Pic below of the standard S13 180SX SR sump.

And a high capacity oil pan fixed to same car and engine.

As you can see, both are pretty much level with the bottom of the crossmember.
2011/10/12 16:07:42
yeah it does sit pretty level with the x member.   havnt touched it yet as i want to finish off my 2 door track car befor i do anything major with this.   i did trade plate it into work so i could give it a service and a clean. came up well :)


and its home

2011/11/23 23:08:30
ratta tat tat
The paint came up nice :-D
When you say fun to drive, how much fun exactly? Being a mechanic, would you think it worthwhile doing this conversion? Or for a non mechanic, spending 10K getting it done.
2011/11/24 00:14:11
its the most fun car ive driven. when it hits boost its awsome. its only running 7psi so not much either.  it has a 2 stage boost controller but i havnt felt the need to flick the switch yet.  i
ts not the most powerful car ive ever driven but it puts a very big smile on my face and thats a winner in my books.
having said that the 2 door is still more exciting, even though i havnt finished it yet, because im building it the way i want a escort. it should stop and turn way better than the 4 door. i cant wait to drive that for the first time
2011/11/24 22:20:55
ratta tat tat
Nice :-) Thanks for sharing those observations. I can't wait to see the 2 door going either mate! It's such a solid project
2011/11/24 23:37:51
haha wow some nice cars there. i wish i had the room that you have, i would have plenty of nice old cars lol. 
2012/03/29 20:33:44
got a update from all my cars.
firstly with the green 2 door. been updating that in the project section but ill add it here too.
it now runs, has been on the dyno and took it out to a track day. was good to actually drive the thing but i had a few issues.
firstly i went to start it for the first session and it decided to strip some teeth off the starter pinion.  typical it would happen then, it had started fine at home everytime and even that morning when loading it on the trailer.
so the car had to be roll started all day. not that the day lasted all that long as it was dropping fuel pressure going thru the fast kink and when at full throttle. so i putted around at 75% trying just get a few laps in to test everything out.
only did about 8 laps before deciding to call it quits. was no point staying out just puttering around.
got it home and ripped the started out to find what the problem of the stripped pinion gears. a few emails were sent and a new one was on it s way which was excellent as the starter itself had only been used a handful of times.
as for the fuel pressure drop, im still using the starndard mk2 tank (no baffles) so fuel was running away from the pickup. even with a full tank.
so i am in the process of organizing a surge tank and fuel pump. would love a fuel cell but cant afford it at the moment. once thats done i can go out again and start playing around a bit more.
video of it on the dyno
and a run down my street
with my mates ke70

On to the blue esky
its now back to legal height. ive fixed the oil leaks, tidyed it up, fitten standard BOV back on and starting to iron out a few things.
it has passed engineering tests
next up is emissions, then roadworthy. 
 hopefully it should be on the road in the next few months.
once on the road i will be getting rid of the wheels as im not a fan of 16s on escorts. then i will be just trying to make it look as un assuming as possible.... and of course just enjoying it.
i did take it to a small ford show. was a good day with some good people

a mate and i also bought this for $200

got it off a mates brother. its manual eb with about 400,000 on the clock
anyway we welded the diff and solid mounted the engine and took it to a local rally track for some club days and started doing this.

funny thing is its running bob jane all rounders (race tyres, of course) and is compleatly stock besides the diff and engine mounts. even still has full interior after a few rounds we have been beating some of the "proper rally cars" with dirt tyres, roll cages ect.  all just a bit of fun and for $200 its the best value ever.
video of one of the stages.
anyway that leads me onto my new daily. before rallying the eb i used to to tow some stuff. went alright at towing. i was looking for a tow car at the time to tow the green esky when its done. ive never really been into the bigger fords like falcons but i figured it could be a cheaper option than a ute for towing.
i found a eb and sold my yellow esky (never thought id sell and esky for a falcon)

which was really hard to do as i loved that car. was such a good daily, i took it everywhere and it never missed a beat. but its gone to a good home by the sounds of it.
its manual, is nice and clean, but has a FG engine under the hood. got it for a good price ( much cheaper than any ute i was looking at) and the thing tows really well. makes 190kw atw with only headers,hi flow cat and a tune.  its nice to drive and does what i need ot to do but i still miss my 1600 esky. least soon ill have one to drive around again.

the engine bay does need a tidy up

so thats my cars at this stage. ive successfully kept myself broke.
2012/10/16 20:11:28

2012/10/29 21:06:10
huge improvement, that inch all the girls talk about does really make a difference 
2012/10/30 20:08:40
what tyres are you running on this thing? what do you think of them
2012/10/30 20:18:44
That's a collection any Ford lover would be proud of!
EB looks very tidy.
2012/10/30 21:13:30
haha zac once again women are right :p
tyres are just some 2nd hand silverstone semi slicks. only did a few slow laps on them, haven't got anything good yet. wanting to get it running properly first
2012/10/30 21:21:21
mud ive never been much of a falcon ( or commodore/family car size) fan but the green eb was too cheap to say no and the white tows good. starting to come round on them but give me a small ford anyday
2012/10/30 21:24:03
well had a bit of a setback with engineering the sr esky.  it passed all the performance tests no worries but failed emissions.
its a non turbo sr thats been converted. runs a fuel only ecu and we were having issues tuning it.  basically it needed a new ecu or that engine wouldn't pass.
with the engine being unknown condition (was told it lacked maintenance when i bought it) i had some thinking to do.
ended up finding a new SR20 engine to fit in for a good price. only done 20 thousand odd klms and came with loom and stock ecu. its a s15 sr too which is a later model. has variable valve timing on the inlet and bigger turbo than the older models.
next the fun began

scott powered haha.
new motor going in. ready to drop in. only had to swap the sumps over.

biggest job is re doing the wiring. the old loom was very messy and not nice at all. lucky for me the old man is good with that stuff so is cleaning it all up. should be nice and easy when its done.
how it sits at the moment
small ford show in sa is on at the end of feb. i want to have both the esky running again by then. here is hoping :)
2013/01/26 01:40:47
new engine is in.  tomorrow i will fit all the bolt ons, then it needs some plumbing for the snail. need to finish the wiring, most of that was done before the engine was put in so its just a matter of wiring a few things and tidying up. then she should be a goer. 
once it runs i can finally fit the new fuel setup to the 2 door and then that will run again. all by next weekend.....fingers crossed.

few happy snaps with the phone

2013/02/16 00:55:45
Hi Scott,
when you get a chance would love some pics of your intercooler setup...size and what it's from etc.. and also the xmember area and engine mounts used and also gearbox area....
how far does shifter come back etc..
my email is clickcomputing@optusnet.com.au
cheers mate,
2013/02/20 16:41:02
how are you going getting the cars back together will you be ready for sunday
2013/02/21 21:52:35
rsqme:   yeah mate i can. ill take some photos next time im in the shed.
jp63:  unfortunatly no. got the SR fired but its not running right. only on 3 cylinders. done all the standard tests and everything is normal. i suspect somthing in the wiring. spent the time i would have used getting the 2 door ready trying to find the fault with the SR.
so at the moment i wont have anything running by sunday unfortunatly. ill still be coming up in a mates esky though
2013/02/21 22:40:18
cracked the ****s and this is how i left them.   will get back on it soon

2013/03/04 23:06:02
it runs!  finally.   the injectors wouldnt fire under cranking which was cause by voltage drop to the ecu.   it would fire first time ok but then wouldnt start again.    once we figured that out it was still running very rough. after testing everything and finding no faults i took the injectors to get tested.  one was stuffed, the shop gave me back all 4 injectors and had marked the dodgey one.  so i bought a new one and fitted. still ran like ****.  after testing everything again and pulling my hair out i found that the shop had marked the wrong injector. so the faulty one was still in there.
now it runs good, finally.   getting very close to roadworthy inspection now. still a few more jobs though.
anyway i also scored a dslr cheap and have been playing with that. i have no idea what im doing. so....enjoy



2013/04/16 19:32:03
Best of both worlds. Looking great dude.
Your kidding with the injector mix up, What a joke.
Goodluck with them.
2013/04/16 20:51:27
cheers mate.  yeah it was very annoying.  took a while to figure out and the cars are half hour away at  my parents house so i cant just pop down to the shed and do "5 mins work" here and there.   anyway alot of people in the same boat, im just glad its sorted because for a while i  had half given up because i was lost as what to test next.
2013/04/16 21:07:15
another pic.   once registered it will be lowered and different, smaller wheels

2013/04/18 20:34:36

2013/04/23 23:08:29
update on the sr.  emissions test is done. will be going for roadworthy in the next few weeks. getting very close now.
the 1600, still no progress.  been spending all my time on the sr escort. basically all ive done is push it in and out of the shed :/ 
been playing around with the camera again 

this ones not mine but its a good pic of the engine bay

2013/05/14 22:35:55
you tend too use the camera more when the car isnt at your house, im the same i always take pics of the panel van so i can get enthusiastic by looking at photos
2013/05/15 12:07:01
Nice job on both cars mate
2013/05/16 10:13:27
well car is booked in for its roadworthy inspection tomorrow.  few little issues that im not happy about but ive run out of time to try and fix them so ive just gotta hope i get a nice inspector tomorrow.
took it for a little drive and found a nice spot

thought id chuck on the track car wheels to see what it looked like.  either this style or meshies once it gets regod.  with wider track at the rear ill have to think about offset.

2013/05/30 20:25:53
Goodluck Scott, hope you get it through with no hassles.
Let us know how you go.
2013/05/30 20:35:10
RS 2000
Good luck tomorrow mate.

2013/05/30 20:58:00
Cheers lads. Sorry I couldn't make it out a few weekends ago.
Luckily it'll be just in time for winter if the car passes today :/
2013/05/31 07:32:07
Good luck mate
2013/05/31 11:58:18
well bad news.   went for id check and something didnt match up.  i have no idea what as they wouldnt tell me.     car has been seized pending a police investigation :( 
pretty much my worst fear has come true.  chances are i wont be seeing the car for a few months...if at all
2013/05/31 15:13:25
RS 2000
That's just f,ucked up, sorry to hear mate. Wouldn't tell you why?
Surely they gotta tell you on what basis they are seizing the car.
Man that **** makes me angry😠. Once again bud Sorry to hear this
2013/05/31 15:31:32
Cheers Davor.

They said as its now a police matter they couldn't tell me anything.

So I was an hour away from home with no car and No details as to why it had been taken away.
Asked them how they expect me to get Home. "not our problem mate"
Pretty stressful stuff. I just hope it all works out.
2013/05/31 19:31:37
I have looked over your thread with great interest being a 4 door restorer myself...I'm devastated for you. Best of luck, I'm sure it will all work out. Cheers! Andrew
2013/05/31 20:13:45
Scott I feel for you mate. Hope it all works out ok. 
The car has been widely publicised on net so you'd think if there was an issue on the cars i.d. someone would have voiced it by now. Is it worth asking a few questions from where you bought the new motor to track where it came from and if theres any possibility of it not having a clear id?
2013/06/01 10:20:09
Doesn't sound good..
Keep us informed as to any developments.
Best of luck getting your baby back.
2013/06/01 10:30:07
Bummer mate,
Hope it all works out for you soon.
2013/06/01 10:33:28
Exactly the same thing happened to me a few years back. The block that was in the car at the time had the engine number stamped out. The car was seized from Regency and taken to Ottoway for investigation.
Police could not find anything wrong and eventually issued me with a new police number that was stamped on the block.
It should be ok!!
Hope it all falls into place for you.
2013/06/01 11:49:42
thanks guys, i can only hope that it all works out.  having no info as to why dosnt help. like people have said, its a well known car, you would think that if something had happened to it there would be info.
i have documentation to all work done on it and the last 2 owners names.
i bought the engine off a listed business and have receipts. i was told it had landed from japan a week prior to me buying it, though i have no proof of that.  
if it does end up being an engine issue and i have been lied to i will do my best to peruse it to make sure no one else gets stung.
2013/06/01 12:17:41
called up today and got told i could pick the car up :)  although it had to be towed away as the clutch pedal had snapped. 
i quizzed them as to why my car was perfectly drive able when they seized it ,as i had driven it down there, to now having a pedal snapped but it was like getting blood out of a stone.  
so i rushed off from work, got a trailer and picked her up.  no one there was able to tell me what the outcome was and what my next step would have to be.
i had to call 3 different departments to try and get a report but no one could enlighten me as to weather i just need to go through roadowrthy or if there is more to the story ( when i got the call saying the car was realesed i was told "some requirements will have to be met." as to what they are, well i guess ill have to spend most of the day playing their game again)
so its been 25 days, i finally have my car back, all be it now with a mysterious snapped clutch pedal, and no info as to whats next. but at least its home.
i have contacted the ombudsmen and will be making aformal complaint as i feel i have been treated very poorly over the last 25 days. who knows if anything will come of it
cheers guys
2013/06/24 23:50:59
Good luck.
I don't know what the cops do while they have your car. When I got mine back it was never quite the same after they had it.
Bit sus.
2013/06/24 23:57:47
Good to hear you've finally got it back. Hopefully rego is not too difficult from here on in.
2013/06/25 07:23:29
RS 2000
Great news mate, glad you got your car back. Pretty ****ing rude damaging your car in the process, someone should be accountable for that. good luck with the rest of rego process!
2013/06/25 15:08:59
thanks guys. i will be pursuing the whole matter further as i don't wish it upon any one else.
Got a call today,I have been supplied with a new engine number and I have to stamp it on the block and stamp a line through the old one. Once that's done (and I fix the pedal) it's back to the ID Inspection station for round 2.

Still no word what the actual issue was but the bloke I spoke to seemed to think I was lucky to get the engine back.

2013/06/25 20:06:42
hmm just sounds very dodgy on there part, id try get your id done before trying too recoupe cash for the clutch, as much as they have [link=mailto:f@$%d]f@$%[/link]ed you over you need them on your side
2013/06/25 21:00:28
Ring me its about your clutch 0418824115
2013/06/25 21:53:08
Well I like the green one because it looks more clean from exterior.... but the interior is very dirty.. like no one use that car from many months.. and the dust is on the carpet.. I think you need to clean the interior .. Thanks for sharing the photos. 
2013/06/27 21:03:43
no updates unfortunatly. been sick for what seems like forever and only just been back on my feet. ive found motivation hard to come by. the car is so close to getting on the road yet with all the setbacks it just feels so far. i wont believe its done untill i have the rego papers in my hand.
anyway hopefully some more progress soon 

2013/07/22 23:39:10
car passed roadworthy today and is now registered.  finally!!!!  thanks to all that helped, even if it was just some support.    now the fun can start... and i can finally get better wheels :)
2013/08/15 19:16:32
Great news mate, well done!
2013/08/15 20:01:19
RS 2000
Awesome news mate,  another esky on the road ready for cruising this summer, looking forward to it.
2013/08/15 22:08:22

2013/08/22 20:58:10
few more pics

2013/08/27 22:03:35
I'm happy for you that it has all been sorted now, must be a huge relief!
Nobody should have to go through that, its a credit to you with the effort you put in to sort it out.
Photos look great too by the way!
Cheers, Ryan
2013/08/28 11:35:34
thanks mate, yeah its a massive relief...now the real work can begin haha
2013/08/29 00:11:03
car has been off the road again while im getting a new intercooler and piping made up.  it was running a stock rx7 cooler and the piping was very messy so that was first on the list to rectify.
intercooler should be finished before the weekend.
in other news, i bought a new car...in japan.  myself and a few mates are going over in November for a Drift week at ebisu.  Personally ive never tried drifting, closest ive done is dirt rallys. so it should be an interesting week, ending in a 48 hour non stop matsuri.
here is my Missile. jzx90 with coilovers, locker, rack spacers, seat and a few other goodies.  as you can see its pre binned so i dont have to worry about denting it HAHA. 

2013/09/19 09:30:10
newintercooler and piping done.  good to have some boost again :)

2013/09/19 23:54:40
Good work Scott. Hope to see it soon.
You wouldn't think the under bonnet pic of the drift car is the same vehicle once you see the outside .
2013/09/20 08:15:17
look forward to seeing it... i might try head up to murray bridge sat night, ill txt you if i do
2013/09/20 10:05:43
Rhys, haha yep. ive seen video of it drifting so its all good. least i wont be afraid of denting it.
Glenn, yeah mate sounds good. if all goes according to plan ill be doing my second stint at about 10pm. 
2013/09/20 13:06:31

2013/09/29 18:54:10
the curse continued with this car,  
after getting the car back with new intercooler and piping it ran like a bucket.  usually i would figure it out myself but seeing as i had just spent a fair bit on getting the work done i decided to take it back to the shop which did the work.  They took it and had i for about a week looking for air leaks ect.  After " not being able to fix the issue" they suggested putting it on the dyno to see if they could replicate the fault. it was all at their cost so i agreed. 
i got a call a few days later saying the car was ready to pick up as NISTUNE has been fitted and the car has been tunes...... WTF.  I never agreed to have any tuning done as i wanted to get the car running right first + i couldnt afford it.  
The shop accepted responsibility for the mixup and agreed to pay for it ( lucky for me)
Apon picking up the car i found the RH front quater had been damaged very badly. it had been hit and dented/ paint missing.  I was furious that the shop would give it back to me in that state. After some talking they agreed to fix it. So i got it back the other day and the repair job is actually very good.
unfortunately after the whole ordeal the car still ran like balls. I did what i should have done in the first place and had a look myself.  as it turns out they didnt plumb up the wastegate actuator. also didnt plumb up the IACV. so to get it to idle they just wound in the stop on the throttle butterfly. 
i just mocked up some fitting and it drives alot better now. i need to pull the piping apart and do it properly now. 
the whole reason i decided to take it to a shop ( who was recommended)  was because i was over the drama of this car and just wanted it done so i could enjoy it for a while.  3 months later ,and another massive headache, i almost have it running properly.
i have been reminded why i work on my own cars and not let others do it.  
2013/12/01 21:48:51
ratta tat tat
Sounds like they had the apprentices working on it for $12 an hour. There should have been someone skilled/ qualified supervising the work but I'm sure they were tied up with more 'important jobs'
This sort of thing happens too often. Bad workshop management. I can't believe they had it for a week to try and find the problem and still couldn't.
Well, a free nistune aint all that bad  You should have it going well soon eh. Good luck
2013/12/01 22:35:18
That is ridiculous, so much bad luck.
At least you now have a car that after giving you so many headaches you can get in and it puts a smile back on your face.
Hopefully no more issues or boofheads doing a dodgy on your pride and joy
2013/12/01 23:52:36
Handing the keys over to someone else was hard. Up untill about 6 months ago my whole working life was as a mechanic. I found it hard to justify paying someone else but I after everything that's happened with the car I just wanted to drive it. In the time it took I probably could have done it myself with less stress.
A few more little things and she should be good. Then I can drive it over summer and after that concentrate on getting better suspension setup and better wheels

2013/12/02 01:24:30
Had a photo shoot the other day.   here is one of the photos, more to come

2014/01/13 22:41:46
looks good mate, who done it for you if you dont mind me asking
2014/01/14 08:23:48
hey mate,  
bloke is called marek. he has a face book page called all shots imaging. He saw some photos i had put up on another forum and asked if id like to do a shoot.  
if you have face book, this is his page https://www.facebook.com/AllshotsImaging?fref=ts 
2014/01/14 09:14:03
Haha small world!
I know Marek, his Escort was the first decent ones I knew of when I was a young fella back in real late 90's.
Pic looks good too.
2014/01/14 19:36:04
haha sounds like adelaide
2014/01/14 23:07:32
i moved house recently.  the old place only had a 1 car shed.  got really lucky with the find and now i can have both my cars with me + room :)

2014/02/26 09:29:46
ratta tat tat
That slab looks too clean for an escort hangar ;)
2014/02/27 23:25:26
couple more


2014/03/15 14:22:52
Looks good mate. Did the dude take the last photo at night or did he photoshop it dark in the background?
Its pretty interesting how they do it at night, shutter speed slow as, dress in black, hit the button, shine a light on different areas of the car, hit the button again and bam the car is there!
I envy your shed
2014/03/17 20:39:44
test fitting some new wheels    

2014/06/17 16:49:40
ratta tat tat
good move
2014/06/17 23:01:56
Oooh yeah! More pics of that please :)
2014/06/18 09:45:51
ive been wanting to change wheels since i got the car. the current wheels just don't suit the car. finally i have the money to go ahead with it.  
2014/06/18 10:50:31
Thats gonna look sick
They 8 inch wide or 7? What size tyre u gonna be running?
2014/06/18 19:37:22
hey ryan, 
8's on the back. 7 front.  
2014/06/19 13:56:17
wheels arrived today.  now the work can begin to get the rears to fit

2014/06/23 19:59:47
TOYO T1R's? we can be twins
2014/06/23 21:44:27
Looks wicked, transforms the look of the car even with just the front on. Love the black on blue
Money well spent hey lol
2014/06/23 21:48:28
Yeah t1r's zac.

Thanks Ryan. Can't wait to get the rear sorted
2014/06/24 10:09:56
now to make the rears fit 

2014/07/04 09:35:04
did a hill climb a few months ago. next on the list after getting theses wheels fitted is defenaftly freshening up the suspension


2014/07/18 22:02:56
ratta tat tat
That looks heaps of fun. Good susp will make a world of difference. 
2014/07/18 22:29:09
Good pics Scott.
Hows the diff coming along?
2014/07/19 09:38:02
It's not going as planned rhys. Basically not worth modifying so waiting on a quote to get a new one built up.

2014/07/19 11:52:14
Im currently waiting for the diff to be finished off. hopefully not long now.  in the mean time here a few more pics from the photo shoot a while ago.

Regarding the 2 door,  ive fitted a new dizzy and played around with the fuel system a bit more.
have a track day next month to blow some cobwebs off

2014/10/17 12:37:06
ratta tat tat
Challengers really suit the coupe. What size and offset are they?
2014/10/17 23:44:14
They are 15x7 8p

2014/10/21 23:48:46
Hi Scott,
What are the instruments in the main binnacle in the pictures above? Are they after market ones, I presume? The lighting in my standard ones in my RS is so crap I can't read the gauges at all. Circuit card must be stuffed.
2014/10/22 22:50:14
hello Len,
it was a standard non tacho cluster.  i cut it out and fitted an aftermarket tacho and blue LED's behind.  still has standard temp/fuel guage ans speedo.  i will be fitting a gps speedo soon though
the other 3 gauges are drift crystal, they came with the car and i actually hate them. not easy to read at all.  im running stack gauges in the track car and they are excellent, although quite pricey 
this is the tacho 

and the stack gauges with saas tacho

2014/10/23 09:35:02
picked up the new diff on saturday.  its a modified r31 housing with lsd and moser axles.   
fitted it up tonight. still need to make the brake lines, modify the tailshaft and fit the brakes up. 
fronts are 15x7
rears are 15x8 


2014/11/11 23:54:12
How much narrower is the axle? 15x8's look to fit easily on the back.
2014/11/12 09:25:21
cant remember off the top of my head sorry. it was measured up about 5 months ago.  
progress on the blue escort has stopped as next tuesday the 2 door is going back on the dyno to have a check up after fitting new ignition/dizzy.   then on thirsday there is a track day and a hilclimb on the 30th.  should be a fun 2 weeks
first clean in a while


2014/11/15 16:22:06
ratta tat tat
Love the green machine. Looks perfect
2014/11/15 16:54:16
did a track day last thursday. was pretty wet most of the day but had a few good dry laps before it rained again.  here are a couple of pics
doing the willunga hill climb tomorrow so hopefully i can get some footage of that

2014/11/29 23:53:40
I like the last pic. Good action shot.
Saw one of your runs at Willunga today, it looked like you were having a good go at it. A group next to me were saying I wonder whats in that .......
2014/11/30 17:59:37
hey rhys.  yeah had fun. was taking it fairly easy still. car held up well all day though 
quick video 
2014/12/01 19:18:07
ratta tat tat
Lovely bit of road there :)
2014/12/01 20:51:22
Looks and sounds great. Not much lifting going on up that hill
2014/12/02 18:06:17
Photos look wicked mate. And that sound!
2014/12/02 20:17:16
Cheers lads, it was good to finally be able to do an event in it. had a blast.  
2014/12/04 13:59:29

2015/01/17 16:03:06
ratta tat tat
2015/01/17 19:10:56
got all the brakes fitted up last night.  
its been 6 months but took it for a lap. feels good. will have to wait to re register it before taking it for a proper drive but first impressions are good 

2015/02/03 09:24:26

Good to be cruising again
2015/02/18 19:46:00
ratta tat tat
Looking better than ever. Have you changed the ride height?
2015/02/18 22:01:52
nah i havent. just sits alot better than the simmons 
2015/02/18 23:33:27
few more photos.  took the blue esky out for a run a few weekends ago. pulls really well.  shocks are below average though. wish i didnt sell all my gaz stuff just before i got this car. ah well better start saving again!

2015/03/04 12:54:24
Jeez I love that engine bay on your green car. Its just spot on!
Excellent pair of cars you've got in your garage.
2015/03/04 13:35:25
thanks mate. sounds mint too :)
2015/03/04 22:21:41

Seriously just loving being able to drive this thing at the moment. after all of the **** that went down just to get it on the road ( engine swaps, getting seized by police, having the tuner damage the car) its now only feeling like its worth it.
it really needs better suspension as thats its down fall. i haven't touched the suspension since owning the car.   But at the moment it doesn't really bother me too much.... maby over winter ill do something.
i hated the 16" wheels and i actually enjoy looking at the car now. im even thinking of getting 13"s for a bit of fun.
2015/04/16 15:13:18
RS 2000
Looking good mate!....... oh and where is my invite to these drives????/
2015/04/16 16:05:37
ratta tat tat
Good stuff. That's why we go through it all. To enjoy it at the end! Some silver 13" minilites would look the bomb and lower the car a bit :D
2015/04/16 18:46:09
haha davor they are always last minute. ill probably be moving closer to your area soon so may be easier.
 I really like the south london look haydn. i will have to give it a go i rekon 
2015/04/17 08:45:24
Time for an update.

Not too much going on. Currently have the diff out of the 2 door doing a ratio change.

The 4 door really needed some love in the suspension department. It came with pedders crap. The steering was alot heavier than any other escort I had owned and there was a knock under load when you hit a bump.
With the steering being as heavy as it was it really didn't give good feedback thru corners. I replaced strut tops and control arms trying to chase the knock aswell.
Basically no difference. I tried a different complete strut that I borrowed and it all went away.

So I sourced some new 2lt legs and got some bilstein inserts. Along with roller tops it should make the car alot nicer to be in. Fitted them last night but haven't had a chance to drive it yet.

2015/12/09 13:38:38
ratta tat tat
That will change the handling a bit! Nice one
2015/12/10 00:06:48

2016/02/03 20:56:01
ratta tat tat
Ready for a big skid
Have you tried it over the 400m yet?
2016/02/05 23:41:35
haha yeah i rooked out on that photo.   
nah i havent. i want to though. 
2016/02/06 12:04:59
It even looks fast standing still Huge thread, your cars are great, keep up the good work... Drew... 
2016/02/06 12:20:05
thanks mate. been alot of headaches but worth it.
2016/02/09 23:09:47
bit of fun on the weekend 
2016/07/22 22:50:23
ratta tat tat
great driving :D Your xflow sings so sweetly in the high revs. Was that a roof-chopped MX5 at the end lol.
2016/07/22 23:14:13
Good vid Scott, car is going very well, rocket ship of a motor and brakes on it = 
2016/07/23 09:42:51
Cheers. Still so much more in the brakes. I kept going deeper and it kept pulling up with ease. My fastest lap of the day was on my very last lap. There is still lots of time to be found under brakes .

Haha yeah that's a chopped mx5
2016/07/23 14:23:19
another pic.   

2016/09/27 00:00:54
did the willunga hill climb again this year.   still a pig to get off the line and i have to slip the clutch heaps.  4.7's would work well for this event i think.   
other than that it was a fun day.  i ended up with a class win and the fastest 2lt or under car in the field.  only had one close call when i went a bit hot into one of the corners. 
not my fastest run but probably the one that makes the best viewing haha 
2016/12/14 11:21:54
Great vid, I love the speed advisory signs.
A bit close for me to the Armco on a couple of the bends, you have bigger Kahuna's (and way more skill) than me.
thanks for posting.
2016/12/14 16:11:41
Only that one corner up the top where i rekon i got too close.
2016/12/15 14:09:22
watching your videos make me miss driving mine hope mine looks as good as your blue Sedan when it is done.
2016/12/15 16:11:39

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