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AnsweredPlease forgive this Newbie.

Spit Builder
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2021/01/02 09:37:19 (permalink)

Please forgive this Newbie.

      This is not so model specific but more for the 2.0 Pinto engine I am planning to build.
   I am in the U.S. so it is an early (70HM) 2.0 block. I took it out of a 72 pinto with a 4 speed. 
   It was running okay but I have no plans to use it as it came. After the rebuild it will be going into 
   a 77 Spitfire with a five speed. It has been some time since I have played with a pinto motor.
   Frankly, I could use some input on pulling some power out of it without sacrificing durability or reliability.
   The bore is already .030" over and will need another boring. How do they deal with being .060" over?
   I would like to see some 150 HP without her being too high strung. I have been considering a longer con-rod,
   Crower 5.2 inch. I am currently lost on piston selection considering the long rod but would like to run premium fuel on 10:1       compression. I am looking at a mild cam. Reasonable power down low for driving on the street up to 6500 rpm. 
  I will be doing some port work but nothing radical. I figured on using larger valves and would like to change port shape 
  to accommodate that. Where might I look for something around a 1.75 inch intake and an appropriate size exhaust valve to    match. Finally, due to space constraints I will be limited a single Weber DCOE 45-48mm on a weber 12-3132 manifold.
  I hope that single carb will allow the flow to get me where I want to be. I had to abandon the dual carb effort due to the 
  #4 intake port being buried in the firewall. Engine placement took precedent over everything else. I have been building
  hot rods a long time but this little roadster has presented me with some unique build challenges. Honey, "what do you mean
  no hood scoop?  I would like to thank everyone for my addition to the forum as well enduring this insanely long rambling
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    Re: Please forgive this Newbie. 2021/01/02 10:49:37 (permalink) ☼ Best Answerby Spit Builder 2021/01/02 16:15:43
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    Welcome to our forum
    I'll start with a piston choice first, if you want more capacity, the std size piston from a 2.8 cologne v6 (93mm)will fit but will sit about 0.60th under deck height so either a slightly longer rod or offset grind the crank if there's enough meat available then deck the block to get things level.
    Valves size we generally go for are from UK(Burton Power) 44.5mm & 38.5mm waisted stem stainless steel. Depending on the cam you use and lift , the valve springs I've always used are from Burton and are single springs code VS9 , never used double springs as they wear down the rockers far quicker for no real benefit. Before the anoraks say I know nothing, I had a pinto throttle jam on flat out (twin 45s) free revving beyond 9500 with no valve bounce at all.
    Porting , just clean and remove the valve guide and match to your intake, not the gasket. Do not polish ports, that is bad..
    Compression ratio, your running 98 so you can get it up to 11.5 by skimming the head 0.100 - 0.140 th but doing this the spark plugs might just touch the piston so add a washer or mark the plug so the electrode is facing between 9 -3 o'clock position to be safe. Spark timing will be very close to TDC, maybe 2deg before or less.
    A single weber might get you there of 48mm with some good low end torque . I built a slapper pinto with a towing cam (std lift but 292deg duration) , a 48mm sidey and the dyno pulled 137bhp @ 6800rpm , had very little porting and std valves . Get an adjustable cam wheel to help dial in more power.
    I reckon you will get 150 without a problem
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    Re: Please forgive this Newbie. 2021/01/02 11:55:08 (permalink)
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    Hi Newbie,
    Welcome to the forum.Does Esslinger in California do stuff  for the 2LT version or does he only specialise in the 2.3 version. My brother got a complete roller rocker, cam and head kit for a 2LT as well as underdriven bottom timing pulleys. He is the absolute guru on porting and other mods for Pinto engines. We have to get most of our parts from the UK( Burtons and other specialist suppliers ) or from the States. We only ever had the 2LT one here but can be overbored .60 thou without any dramas. he might be a good source for parts etc. The mods you are suggesting are common, My RS runs 10:1 compression, a mid size cam , has been nicely ported and flowed but I have used a Holley 350 for the carb, which is not that common.  There a few different threads in this forum you can check out for engine mods, as always there are lots of talented members on this forum to give you answers. In this place there are no silly questions, we all like to learn.
    Cheers, Len

    Spit Builder
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    Re: Please forgive this Newbie. 2021/01/02 17:28:45 (permalink)
           Thanks to Marty and NQRS. 
        Lots of good info there. I sure do need it, this one will take a lot of planning. I am planning on a longer rod, 5.2"
      and those valve sizes are along what I had in mind. I don't think Esslinger is doing much with 2.0 these days. Thanks again for the info and hope your new year is off to a good start.
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