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Hot!1979 Sundowner

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2020/02/01 16:03:09 (permalink)

1979 Sundowner

Hi All,

Just got my first escort van, 1979 Sundowner. I’m familiar with escorts, just never had a van before.

Needs a little work but is going to be awesome.

I’d appreciate any assistance tracking down some information and if anyone has any of the parts below please PM me.


Info needed:

· Brochures or ads - white sundowner, where is black vs. white, sundowner features etc. Such as did sundowners all have spotlights?

· Do vans normally have removable vent/grill above heater plenum / below window?

· Was there a full roof lining on any model to use as template or aftermarket/ custom ideas and options?

· Was a cargo cage behind drivers seat a factory option or only aftermarket? Anyone have a lead on decent ones?

· Seats are orange and brown stripes. Was there a special seat pattern for the sundowners? If so anyone know if fabric is still available?


Parts needed:

· Reverse lights

· Rear quarter bumpers

· Front quarter bumpers

· Left side mirror

· Rear valance (I’ve seen the new ones from expressed steel, seeing if anyone has a decent rear cut?)

· Front spot light mounts and switch

· Sundowner window seals

· Sundowner graphics

· Factory A/C parts

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    Re: 1979 Sundowner 2020/02/01 21:35:26 (permalink)
    +1 (1)
    Congrats on the new car,
    Haven't had a Sundowner for many years so I'm just going by what I remember from the 90's lol.
    They should have all had spotlights, Carrello items in common with Cortina and XD Falcon of the time, not sure if the mounts were the same.
    All had the grill under the windscreen.
    Not sure on the full rooflining, thought it was unique to Sundowner, could be wrong, try UK suppliers.
    Cargo cage? was that the fold down bit behind the seats to extend the sleeping area? If so they all came with one,  it was just chipboard and carpet with a supporting rod, should be easy to make.
    Not sure again on the seats, sound like fashion pack, Flighter could elaborate on those. As Far as I know they varied over the years some had plain interiors some houndstooth inserts.
    As Far as parts go, bumpers ebay, gumtree or fiberglass/ carbon repro easy to find.
    Mirror, rare spares repro them now, about 100 bucks from memory.
    Nos spotlight switches were available last time I was looking, it was the others that were hard to find.
    There were a couple of sellers on ebay doing graphics, if you get stuck give me a yell I have a mate that'd know.
     I can help with a factory a/c facia and the unit that goes in the console, ashtray etc may need to do some measurements though, the van dash is narrower due to being based on a MK1 so the under dash facia from sedan/coupe may not fit.
    Somewhere I also have build numbers and colour/decal/trim options I'll try to dig them up some time.
    Hope that gets you started, be sure to start a build thread. Cheers Drew.
    post edited by Drewdog - 2020/02/01 21:39:28

    GT Cortina Project "The Ugly Duckling"
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    Re: 1979 Sundowner 2020/02/02 01:11:59 (permalink)
    Thanks Drew
    Just been learning about the sundowner today. I'd forgotten that they had the fold down board. I've found specs to make the board but still tracking down the hardware, none of it is there, i'd like to make it as original as possible. Originally I'd intended on putting a full cargo cage there for my dogs to stay in the back, laws gotta have a barrier or them be restrained in a vehicle. I'll have to figure something out for that.

    Being narrower does that mean the dash top and window are different on a Mk2 van to mk2 sedan?
    let me know if you have a link to the NOS spotlight switch.
    I've PM'd you about the AC.

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    Re: 1979 Sundowner 2020/02/05 22:44:37 (permalink)
    +1 (1)
    Hi ed
    Congrats on doing a van , as for dash top they area few inches shorter than a mk2 sedan. Windscreen and doors are direct from mk1 escort 2dr / van .
    If you need bumpers I can make them in Fibreglass . Also check my build thread on my yellow pinto panelvan load lugger
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