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Genuine Mk2 RS large air filter, manifold and IDF carbs! Merry Christmas to you!

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2015/12/08 21:35:58 (permalink)

Genuine Mk2 RS large air filter, manifold and IDF carbs! Merry Christmas to you!

Here's what you've been waiting for!  I'm selling one of my Mk2 group 1 setups and will list on eBay UK at the weekend, but want to offer to other Australian enthusiasts first.  As you all know, these simply don;t come up for sale often/at all any more and are definitely not going down in value!!
Here's what I'm selling:
- Genuine Mk2 RS large air filter housing
- Genuine Ford manifold
- Twin Weber IDF carbs
- Throttle cable bracket
- Sticker kit
I'll describe each item as accurately as I can as it will be a big (but worthwhile) investment for someone.
Filter housing - Looks nice and shiny, but has imperfections when held up to the light and the paint is thin in some parts.  I'd be blasting it back and re-painting to make it as close to perfect to look as as I could, but it may suit some to bolt straight on.
The inside, underneath of the intake venturis have had some welding as is common on these, but you wont be able to see it at all when fitted.  Looks like may have had some welding around where the carbs sit a some point, but again won't be seen when on.
The clips with the housing are after market clips from a falcon injection airbox which do the trick, but were not originally fitted (you could have ones the same as original made up out of sprung steel if you wanted).
Has the all important air vacuum outlet pipe and a new sticker kit ready to be fitted.
Manifold - Is the genuine manifold and has been sprayed in silver. Has been strengthen welded around the base of each outlet as it is again common for these areas to crack.  Looking on the inside of the intakes, there's no sign of cracking, hence why I state it's strengthening and not repaired.  I would be smoothing these joints off and re-painting to make it look good and also retain the added strength.
Twin IDF Carbs - These are genuine Weber IDF's, but not the original 40/41 group 1 IDF's.  Carbs were running fine and all vacuum and adjustment screws are present including the throttle linkages.  Could probably do with a clean, but would bolt straight on.  Come complete with trumpets if you choose to run them.  The carbs also come complete with the rare top plates that fit inside the airbox to clamp it on (these are often missing and fitted without, hence cracking on the airbox is common).
Throttle cable bracket - I'll supply a throttle cable bracket that screws on to the carbs to house the throttle cable.  Again, sometimes missing on these sets.
I've tried to include pics showing the worst bits too as I can only upload 5 pics.
I can also help (but must stress the price does not include) in sourcing the correct throttle cable, filter element, dipstick and heater hoses if required from my contacts in the UK and Germany.
I'll be starting the bidding at the equivalent of $3k in the UK, so I will sell for the best offer of $3k or more on here is someone contacts me before 8am on Saturday morning, which I will then remove from sale and place on eBay.  I absolutely won't take less than $3k as the cost price to me quite some time ago was almost $4k including postage.
This is a fair and reasonable price when you factor in the condition of the air filter housing and the fact it comes with the top plates and throttle cable bracket that can be $400 on their own if you can find them.

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    Re: Genuine Mk2 RS large air filter, manifold and IDF carbs! Merry Christmas to you! 2019/02/04 09:51:47 (permalink)
    Hi, Is this still available?
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    Re: Genuine Mk2 RS large air filter, manifold and IDF carbs! Merry Christmas to you! 2019/02/06 20:37:32 (permalink)
    Your hopeful. 
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