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13" , 14" or 15" wheels on mk2 escort .

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Re:13" , 14" or 15" wheels on mk2 escort . 2014/03/03 10:48:00 (permalink)
Sorry; my in box was full and I didn't get notified until this morning.  I appreciate your time and the information you sent.

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Re:13" , 14" or 15" wheels on mk2 escort . 2014/03/04 11:44:51 (permalink)
I have 15" rims from a Saab on mine to save the race tyres but I definitely prefer the 13" Globes.
I'll put up a better pick of the 15"s with the car painted and with stripes.


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Re:13" , 14" or 15" wheels on mk2 escort . 2020/08/23 08:23:37 (permalink)
Looks the goods! Do the tyres rub on the guards at all?

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Re:13" , 14" or 15" wheels on mk2 escort . 2020/08/23 10:55:52 (permalink)
an interesting old thread, but good timing.
Wheels are hard to get right I reckon.
Some deep dish wheels have the wrong lip profile for my liking,too square.
I might need to order some wheels soon, heres 2 examples, 13's and 15 by my guess.
The 15's look spot on for what Im after, but do they look staggered?
Anyone want to take a stab what the sizes/offsets  might be?
Some of the 15"minilights Ive seen have a very large diameter mounting face, and comparitively short spokes (Performance brand), and they remind me of grannys teeth. Not a look im going for, but its all personal. Compomotive seem much more agressive. Too many options to try and get the right ones.
Globes were mentioned above, I have a set above if they suit anyones project.
And just to show size is relative, an original Ford ad for their 'fatwheels', back with 5.5" was big enough

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Re:13" , 14" or 15" wheels on mk2 escort . 2020/08/23 14:41:44 (permalink)
+1 (1)
Yes agree this is a great thread!

Ive gone from 13s to 15s and tbh i love them both, but very happy with my simmons in 15s. I aimed for 15x7 with a offset of +12 to get fitment all round on a stock body, I had to downsize my fronts to 6.5 as it was a little too close to the coil over helper spring. Easily done as the wheels were apart. (Can suss my thread to see my journey making them fit).

I think the first pic, orange wagon are a bit too much, too much dish. Id assume these have a negative offset which allows them to achieve the dish. tbh if the dish was stepped a bit i think it would look better.

I love the second wagon, Yes definately staggered sizes on there, id assume 15x7 fronts and 15x8 rear, offset no idea. Depending where your getting the wheels from some places will let you pick your offset. Being arched i have no idea but you should be able to run some large wheels with ease.
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