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Hot!Mk 1 escort panels

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2013/12/12 22:03:14 (permalink)

Mk 1 escort panels

I know you can buy any replacement panels from overseas but is there anywhere in Australia you can get them?

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    Re: Mk 1 escort panels 2013/12/15 12:34:42 (permalink)
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    I have many panels in stock. We are the biggest stockist of Magnum body panels in Australia.
    Not everything is on the site as I'm waiting on a shipment to land so if you need anything email or call.

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    Re: Mk 1 escort panels 2013/12/15 20:00:09 (permalink)
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    I also supply escort panels as I am the original agent here in Australia for Magnum in the UK
    When the original supplier of escort panels namely Hadrian went broke everyone else purporting to be their sole agents in Australia panicked as their business was in danger and sought to be supplied by Magnum
    My permission was sought and in pity i granted my permission to Magnum to supply these people also to save their business
    I not only carry a huge range of escort panels but also fit them as well and provide helpful advice on fitting
    Years of experience not just flogging parts

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    Re: Mk 1 escort panels 2020/10/07 19:57:54 (permalink)
    this is a thread from the past, but I was wondering is  anyone has purchased some Escort panels from an Aus supplier recently?
    I know SMKA, but was just seeing if there were any other agents for Magnum or Expressed we can buy from rather than import.
    Will be looking for a few items for Mk2van, including sills floor pans, front spoiler and bubble arches.
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    Re: Mk 1 escort panels 2020/10/24 20:11:55 (permalink)
    Not sure suppliers around , the last big order I did came from RS turbo breakers UK, apart from floors I got a front panel, both sills which I asked them to cut in half to save freight costs, A posts, rad support, and rear arches for my mk1 van . Most panels are Magnum but he aware that the sill panels are not exact and slightly fatter than original. Also rear arches on van are bigger than coup, and there's no listing for van rears so I found out
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    Re: Mk 1 escort panels 2020/10/24 21:05:41 (permalink)
    thanks MArty.
    I'm still waiting to see if the van I've found is going to work out, the owner is stuck overseas and hasnt been able to get back due to Covid.Ive checked it out, but its been strippped down to a basic rolling shell with many bits missing.
    The Duratec I looked at was too late a model, I gather that up to about 2007 is the best model to use.
    These now will have done some kms, so might be looking for another pinto to use instead.
    I was had planned to use Mk1 bubbles arches.
    The van project is just stalled till at least December, but i'm lstill ooking to see if theres anything else that might be semi complete and a better way to go.
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