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Hot!Inapropriate attacks and responses.

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2018/05/14 15:17:42 (permalink)

Inapropriate attacks and responses.

Most of you will be aware of the personal attacks going on in the forum at the moment.
These attacks are coming from newish members, some with very few posts.
By far the majority of members here are top notch classic ford forum participants.
I want to remind all regulars to beware how they respond to outrageous comments lest they too become part of the problem.
This forum has operated very well up to now with minimal intervention.
It would seem that we have arrived at the situation where the mods have to step up and sort it out.
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    Re: Inapropriate responses. 2018/05/14 16:09:19 (permalink)
    I for one find this forum the best and most informative of all Ford Forums. It seems to be made up of very informative and passionate people who love these cars.
    Many add positive input and have done sofor years just to help others out or add their opinion. To them I am most thankful.
    I think opinions on these cars are varied though and would hope all concentrate on the car not the owner.
    If people kill this forum off where too from here.
    Keep your personal opinions to yourself regarding owners and concentrate on the love of the Capri so we all can benefit please.
    Sorry hyjacking but my earlier post of it’s a forum to have fun went to **** as well.
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    Re: Inapropriate responses. 2018/05/14 17:29:39 (permalink)
    +2 (2)
    I am not sure of the background surrounding most of the comments, but it has prompted numerous responses and a very active forum over the last few days.
    Almost like "home and away" drama.
    Maybe some people are taking things a little to serious and time for a chill pill.

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    Re: Inapropriate responses. 2018/05/14 20:57:03 (permalink)
    -2 (2)
    I have been on this forum in its various guises and name changes for 20 odd years now and after the last few weeks I'm all but done.
    Sad really.

    'If I'd asked what people had wanted, they'd have said faster horses....' Henry Ford
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    Re: Inapropriate responses. 2018/05/14 21:09:44 (permalink)
    +2 (2)
    escortinadriver - Unlike yourself, I'm still a relative newcomer with only 7 years membership. 
    However, there have been a couple on times in that period when I've taken a forum-holiday. Various opinions and ripostes did get out of hand on some topics.
    Would agree the knowledge within the forum is great - priceless in this country. 

    So, pls everyone, stick to the cars, respect other peoples opinions and desire to option / amend / enhance to suit their taste.

    Try going to a restoration course at TAFE and see the myriad of vehicles. Talk to the owners, who all have an underlying passion for things classic, regardless of badge or OEM status. I found it quite educational way back in the nineties........

    Roll on Capriciation 50th  !!!

    accapmad - In the Land of Oz
    Paul Dunstan
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    Re: Inapropriate responses. 2018/05/15 23:13:07 (permalink)
    I think I've been around this forum since the early 2000's - I can't be sure but I know it was long before the date on my status which may be when the Forum was "re-launched"?. In any case I must admit the activity on here has somewhat declined in recent years and many of the original members have moved on - whether chasing other interests or for personal reasons.
    It's a real shame that some posts have become a sledging sessions rather than sticking to the intent of the forum which is to enjoy and share information about our cars. If you must have a strong personal opinion or grievance with another member I would expect it to be relayed in a tasteful and tactful manner or take it offline.


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    Re: Inapropriate responses. 2018/05/16 08:22:24 (permalink)
    There's an old saying "if you can't say something nice about someone, then don't say anything at all".
    Pity all forum users don't follow that.
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    Re: Inapropriate responses. 2018/05/16 09:15:12 (permalink)
    I agree with what you are all saying.
    personal attacks are not appreciated and not warranted, which includes attacks on people cars. Opinions can be useful, but there is a certain etiquette when it comes to expressing those opinions in my view, which it seems has fallen by the wayside a bit of late. 
    a pertinent saying there Noone,
    there is also the other saying "Brain in Neutral, Mouth in Overdrive" although in this case, "fingers in overdrive, brain in neutral" may be more to the point.
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