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starter motor problems

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2012/06/11 19:33:09 (permalink)

starter motor problems

Guys and Girls
Past couple of days (being pretty cold in melbourne) having problems with the esky starting. The starter motor wont turn, or will fire once, then click click. This only happens when it is cold. Battery is fine and fully charged. The starter is a lucas one with a remote solenoid, in a crossflow 1600. I have a Bosch starter from a pinto, with a solenoid attached, but i recon it will hit on the extractors.
Any help appreciated, as I need it to get to uni, an dont want to have to piush start it each morning

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    Re:starter motor problems 2012/06/12 15:29:18 (permalink)
    Hey Ted
    Could be as simple as the dreaded "VD" ... voltage drop.  Check the voltage at the solenoid when its cranking and see how much it drops. If this is the case it can often be fixed by putting a relay on the solenoid

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    Re:starter motor problems 2012/06/12 21:15:55 (permalink)
    +1 (1)
    Had same issue before, turned out to be ignition switch. Quick checks on all connections at battery (inc earth), solonoid ,starter motor and good starter earth to engine/body.
    2,when it does it again get a short piece of wire and connect one end to B+ at battery or on the solonoid, touch the other end on to small terminal (fron ign switch) on solonoid. if starter turns over ok then the solonoid is not getting full voltage to operate the engaugement coil inside. check for bad connection right back to ign switch.
    3,If starter does not spin over, short between the two solonoid connections with screwdriver or the like (now bypassing contacts inside solonoid) if starter spins then solonoid is faulty.


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    Re:starter motor problems 2012/06/12 22:46:24 (permalink)
    As said above check the earths, best done just after a cranking cycle and see if they feel warm, if so put another earth on or get a bigger one. I had similar problems with a pinto in a Westfield. I used to stick it in gear and rock it then take it out of gear and it would fire. Good luck let us know how ya get on.
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